Out for Blood is a brand new festival taking place in the heart of the historical (and kinda creepy!) city of Cambridge, UK.

This Halloween, we invite everybody to come along and watch a selection of chilling tales from the queer community. The aim of this festival is to showcase the often silenced voices of those who identify within the queer community and to raise money for local LGBT+ charities.


Awards & Prizes
There will be an audience vote for the best in show.


Rules & Terms
Before you submit your film, we have 3 simple rules:

1) All films must be 30 minutes or less. We welcome super shorts!

2) All films must fall somewhere within the vast horror genre.

3) All films which are submitted, must have had a queer identifying person working on them. OR, the films must have at least one queer character or theme.


If your film is selected (congrats!) you will need to submit your film in mp4 format through a file transfer site (we recommend http://www.wetransfer.com)


You can submit your film here:

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